Poster illustration / Fiestas del 2 de Mayo (Madrid, 2021)

2 De Mayo Festivities celebrate the Day of the Community of Madrid, in commemoration of the uprising of May 2, 1808, in which the people of Madrid confronted the French occupation of Spain. This was the origin of the Spanish War of Independence.
Cultura Madrid asked me for a fresh and cheerful image that alluded in some way to the 2nd of May.
A symbol of that independence is the cannon, which I included in the image, but eliminating the warlike character and giving it a festive and spring-like character with the flowers. (May is also the month of flowers).
Another requirement was that the image had to be associated with the community of Madrid, which I represented through a group of diverse people, who also already advance the content of the activities that include the festivities, music, dance, flamenco, puppets ...